16 January 2005

Knock down to rise again

It's the weekend after a pretty high-stress week. Between lectures, track running and some late-night surgery, I've hardly had time for a breather and time for reflection and BE-ing. So I decided to make some bread (?!). Armed with flour, yeast, and a sprinkling of condiments - I am ready to create!

The machine did the kneading and knocking down. All I had to do was let it rise nicely, throw over a bunch of oats, pumpkin seeds and sesame and place the glob of dough into the oven. Then pray it rises nicely and brownly.

It's fantastic to watch yeast do its work, with a little help of heat to raise that lump of flour into a fresh and tasty loaf. It's also a nice way to celebrate the day off.. Now I can sit back, read a little, catch a snooze, and take in the agenda-lessness of the day while my bread browns and releases its fragrance to every corner of the house! yummy!

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