24 May 2007

Ethan, Ethan, Ethan

I'm sure you can imagine if I tell you our hands have been full. 

Very, very, full indeed. And you will understand that our current obsession is nothing but Ethan, Ethan, Ethan.  

And I gotta admit, after the first couple of colicky months and sleepless nights, having Ethan is a BLAST!!

Watching him bloom and thrive, observing his emerging traits, cheering him from milestone to milestone and seeing him respond to us is just undescribably amazing.
This is a short photo chronicle of his journey so far...

Ethan: Week 3 of Life
Ethan: One Month!
Ethan does the Bee Gees
Chinese New Year '07
Ethan: 1 mt old
Ethan: 10-12 weeks
Ethan goes to Singapore

Ethan: 3mts old
Ethan goes to Genting Highlands