30 March 2008

Is the grass really greener?

You can be earning 5 times what you are now if you cross over to the private sector. How will you send your kids to medical school in UK with your current salary? This country is going nowhere, it's rotten to the core. At least in XXX-country discrimination isn't institutionalised, it's fairplay. So I've heard, ad nauseum. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Rookee has this interesting take on it.. Scientifically, it IS true that the grass is greener on the other side! He says:
..something about the direct angle at which we view a neighbor’s yard that makes the light reflect in such a way that more green is shown on a lawn farther away than the one at your own feet. In short, the grass you're standing on always has just a bit more brown than the grass that you're looking at, aspiring to, or dreaming about without any basis for your conclusions.

So, the grass is only greener when you're on the opposite side of the fence, looking from the outside! It's all a matter of perception, I guess. Personally, I think the grass is as green as we make it out to be.. and if it isn't, it's really up to me to grow my own grass. Otherwise, I'll just be hopping over fences the rest of my life, and never savor the gifts I have right under our feet; no matter how green the grass.

And if I should be considering a change of pastures... I have to ask myself, for what personal goals/reasons should I even contemplate it? And how does it bring any personal growth, enhance my giving to others, and give glory to God? It doesn't really matter where the grass is greener, it's which field I'm called to stand in and how I will nurture that field that counts!

28 March 2008

To Ephesus I go

Been some time since I studied for a theology/Bible-studies paper; even longer since I blogged! This semester with Moore College I've been 'accidentally' enrolled into doing Ephesians. I thought I'd take a break but I'm enrolled. Which,.. I reckon is a blessing in disguise. I do have some time and my interest is intact. And I'm thinking it's not a huge task - unlike the Pentateuch, Romans or the recent paper I sat on John's Gospel.

It will be very interesting to see what issues comes up in the in-depth study and how Paul the thinker wrestles with them, always bringing to bear vital Old Testament theology and yet managing to cut fresh ground with New Covenant realities.