30 October 2007

Caffeine Contents

I thought this might be interesting to the many 24hr-caffeinated people I have in my network of friends; many of whom you will find getting their fix in the local Starbucks or Coffee Bean. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has a nifty chart of the caffeine content in popular coffees, home brew, instant, soft drinks, desserts and illicit drugs.

I presume this is on the Center for Science in the Public Interest for 2 reasons: 1) it's in the caffeine-addicted public's best interest to know where to get their caffeine when in deprivation and 2) It's in the public's best interest not to deprive the caffeine-addicted of their caffeine. Overall, it makes the world a happier place for everyone; hence science in the public interest.

The other great website is Coffee Science which among other things, alerts us to the many health benefits we'd be missing out if we missed our morning cup of coffee. Apart from relieving headaches, and sparing your colleagues from the Mr. Hyde side of you, it also crushes gallstones and prevents cancer. Need I say more?

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