17 June 2005

Stand in the Gap

I'm in the midst of preparing a topic to be presented at a friend's church this Sunday. I'm going through a few of my favorite authors, picking out gem-like quotations that I have loved so much. Sayings that have insinuated themselves deep into my belief system and have traveled with me for a long, long way. As I collate these bits of choice words, typing them into my Reference Manager, they are already working their power over me.

This happens to me each time. When I'm called to speak or write an article, I invariably do two things - search my heart on what I hold dearest, and go back to my 'gurus' who have taught me the most. Then I try to weave these things into something coherent for my listener/reader. In hope that the magic that has worked in my life will somehow filter through my own experiences to touch them too.

As I do this, hunched over the keyboard, books all around, a solitary cheap table lamp to illumine my labors - I realise this: I love writing. I love words. I love the way they bring out my deepest yearnings and fire me up even before I speak them. Writing, is primarily for the writer. The farmer reaps the firstfruits... I am the first to be blessed.

But it is also not an endeavor in isolation. If not for the speaking or writing assignments I would never bring myself to do this. The discipline is very rewarding, but also because there is an audience. In the end I am a servant. I place myself at the feet of both the Giver of Truth and the Listener. And pray, and strive, and labor on my work to be true to both. I stand in the gap and hope that something from Heaven gets streamed through to reach Earth.

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