19 May 2006

Down from the Rock

I knew I would never have the time to sit and muse about our trip up Old Kinabalu, mountain of the dead (which is what Aki Nabalu means in Kadazan, I am made to understand.) So, I'm glad I had some feelings scribbled down on my Palm - this I did when we were recuperating in the hotel room, crippled, unable to move an inch without excruciating pain.

06-5-11 Mt Kinabalu
The moment is etched upon the fabric of my being. Putting one foot ahead of the other in ever increasing agony. Every step, searing pain. But I was not alone, not without encouragement. Sweeping across the sky and scape, I could not take it all in. The magnificence and magnitude. The unencompassable vastness. And I the lone, empty-handed soul, in trepidation enter the throne room.

A million stars watch down on me, blinking in question, Why are you here? What do you seek? A few bright ones whisper, Many have come this way but few have found it.

Towering pinnacles silhoutted against pale moonlight, stand guard all around, fixing their cold, intent gaze on the weary wanderer. What brings you into the Presence? You are on holy ground. The ground I tread upon is a royal granite carved over 35000 years of slow glacier motion, the art of etchings and precise bands tell of history undecipherable even by the wisest of men. The ancient past of this kingdom is encoded on these stones.

A banner of blurry white stretches from east to west. It has been called The Milky Way by mortals past. A banner lifted high for us to gaze into the vastness of the kingdom. Why have I come? I do not know. What was I seeking? I did not prepare my heart.

I came a-wandering, carelessly tripping into the throne room of the highest. Mindlessly pressing towards a precipice they call the Low's peak. Foolishly following other climbers making their way to the point of nothing. The highest point of Southeast Asia! We cry. The sun rises from the east, black turns to gold! We gasp. Bypassing the Time and the Place.

In that very instant I lost it. I had the chance. Though by sheer accident and no purpose on my part I stumbled upon the Holy Place, I paid no heed to the Call. Obsessed with the walking and the reaching I was too blind to see and hear when the very Universe opened a portal. That all may go in and find.

I shall return. Mine eyes have been opened. A fool I will be no more. I shall return a more worthy pilgrim. I will silently revere till that day, and every day shall be that day. I will listen for the distant cry - from the farthest reaches of the sky and depths of the ground I stand. I will be holy as you are holy. Posted by Picasa

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Yan said...

Yes, all other grounds are sinking sand, on Christ the solid rock we stand!

I was there as our honeymoon trip 20 years ago. I know I can never make it again to Mt Kinabalu!

Thans for sharing!