08 November 2005

Addicted to work?

I hadn't realised how addicted I am to my job until this long Deepa-Raya break. It was a week of celebration for me - of NO TRAFFIC, GOOD FOOD and all the TV I could watch without my eyes popping out.

Let me see - I watched 3 episodes of HOUSE (the TV series), House of Wax, Guess Who, and The Longest Yard. All were fun. In fact HOUSE has made me want to study medicine all over again; this time not to pass exams but for the sheer pleasure of grappling with the mysteries of human life and disease. House of Wax was,...well, overrated and under-horrored. Guess Who was surprisingly more interesting and engaging than most romantic comedies of late. And The Longest Yard was simply hilarious. By the end of the week, I was going out of my mind, rearranging furniture and making my own cables!

Anyway, I was only too glad to get back to work yesterday and be in operating theatre again. The north-pole chill of OT and the musical beeps and hums of machines makes for a second home. Am I addicted to work? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I'm sure it's a bit of both. Tomorrow the students will be back in class for more torture and my clinic should be in full swing on Thursday...

Sigh... The joys of work.


Yan said...

Work demands something of you, it makes you "worthful", I guess.

Whatever you do in word or deed, do to the glory of God. (Col 3:17). Let's be reminded.

Jo said...

Guess who is really funny.. loved the scene in the taxi when she goes :" YOU ARE WHITE?!!??!?!!? STOP THE CAR!! STOP THE CAR!!!" hahah.. and Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher really had the chemistry... hehe..

Oh no.. you are the sort that rearranges furniture... i thought only my mom does that... teeheehee... :P