10 September 2005

Fight the flab

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI've been eating without thinking and neglecting exercise for a couple of months now. Chomping my way steadily up 3kgs since I dared look at the scales. Yesterday I started running again and clocked my slowest speed ever in 2 years! 6.6kph for a distance of 5km. That's from a high of 11kph... Sob!

Today, I decided I will start counting again and logging my exercise and intake.

Input today: 2240cals! (from a kong-fu chau for dinner, and McD's double cheeseburger for lunch) Bad, bad, bad. I'm going to try to get back to a sub 1500cal day in order to lose 1kg a week.

Just to remind us how much a Double Cheese-burger McValue meal can set you back, these are the figures:

Double Cheeseburger = 480cals

Coke = 210cals

French Fries = 453 cals

Eat that all... 1143cals! Doesn't leave much space for anything else does it?

Anyone who needs an Excel worksheet (based on Asian foods) to calculate his input vs. output plus a chart to boot, contact me and I'll send you one! Join me on the crusade against obesity! Say TAKNAK GEMUK!

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Meh said...

You actually have an Excel file for that Mr Yap? Could you send me a copy? nivekng@gmail.com.... Thanks....